Francisco B. S. José Leandro 博士 副教授


Office Address: Avenida Xian Xing Hai - No. 105, Centro Golden Dragon, 5th Floor, Room G512A

Official email:



2017 – Post-Doctoral in China’s Geopolitical Security Studies, University of Macau, China.

2015 - Pearl River Delta Academy of International Trade and Investment Law Diploma, Peking University, China;

2011 - Advanced Diploma in International Law, Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale and Institute of International Humanitarian Law, Italy.

2010 - PhD in Political Science and International Relations from Catholic University of Portugal.

2009 - Public Relations Advisor Diploma from the NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany.

2005 – Masters Degree in Political Science and International Relations from Catholic University of Portugal.

2007 - NATO Legal Advisor Diploma from the NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany.

1999 - Advanced Diploma in Military Science – Instituto de Altos Estudos Militares of Lisbon, Portugal.

1997 – Bachelor of Laws, Autónoma University of Lisbon, Portugal.

1988 - Bachelor of Military Science, Military Academy of Lisbon, Portugal.


Professional Experience:

2018 - Associate Professor and Assistant Dean at the Institute for Research on Portuguese Speaking Countries, City University of Macau – China.

2014-2018 - Assistant Professor at University of Saint Joseph (USJ) – President of Faculty of Creative Industries Pedagogical Council (2014-2016), Secretary of Scientific Council (2016-2017). Institute of Social and Legal Studies programme coordinator at Faculty of Humanities (USJ) (2016-2018);

2013-2018 - Visiting Professor at Institute of European Studies in Macau;

2013-2014 -Visiting Professor at University of Macau (FSS/Communication Department);

2011-2012 - Visiting Professor at European Police College (Portugal);

2011-2012 - Guest Professor at University of Coimbra (Portugal);

2011-2012 - Resident Professor and Senior Researcher at National defence Institute (IDN);

2011-2012 - Guest Professor at ISCSP-UTL (Lisbon);

2009-2011 - European Union Battle Group 2011-12 Spokesperson;

2009-2010 - Visiting Professor at Modena Military Academy (Italy);

2009-2010 - Institute of International Humanitarian Law (Italy);

2008-2011 - Visiting Professor at James Madison University (Italy);

2008-2011 - EUROFOR Chief of Public Affairs Office;

2006-2008 - Visiting Professor at European Security and Defense College (Madrid & Delft);

2005-2008 - Visiting Professor at NATO School (Germany);

2005-2008 - Portuguese Representative to the Council of Europe - Committee of Experts for the Development of Human Rights’ Group on Human Rights of Members of the Armed Forces;

2005-2008 - Military Assistant to NATO Allied Joint Command Deputy Commander;

2002-2003 - Visiting Professor at Army War College in Angola (ISEM);

2001-2005 - Assistant Professor in International Law at Portuguese War College (IAEM);

1998-1999 - Visiting Professor at Military-Voenna Akademia (Hungary);

1997-1999 - Portuguese Army Legal Advisor;

1995-1996 - United Nations Military Observer in former Yugoslavia.


Areas of Interest:

International Relations and Diplomacy; International Law and International Humanitarian Law; International Business Negotiations; Globalization and Geopolitics; Nation-State and Nationalism; Media Global Studies - Public Relations and Journalism; European Union External Policy; CPLP Studies; Comparative Political Systems; Political Philosophy; Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); Ethics and Public Service; Macao Basic Law; Environmental Law and Policy; Third World Policies; Intergovernmental Relations; Social Sciences Research Methodology.


Academic Prizes:

In 2015 - 3rd APCEA prize as University of Saint Joseph team mentor, at the 5th APCEA Business Presentation Contest, organised by the Asia-Pacific Communication Exchange Association (APCEA), held at Hengqin Campus of University of Macau.


Professional and Academic Associations:

2016 - Member of the Advisory Committee of Encuentro Latinoamericano: Journal of Political Science.


2016 - Member of the International Political Science Association (IPSA).


2014 - Member of Journal of Management and Training for Industries editorial board (Japan).

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